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A letter for the bad days.

Dear bad day:

I know it’s messed up I talk to you from a good day, it’s selfish and you probably think I won’t understand you but I’m telling you this for your sake: you won’t live forever. I know it feels like you have no end, like you keep getting worse each passing hour but I’m telling you this for your sake: you won’t live forever. I know, it’s not good to make comparisons somehow you’ve taught me that but unlike you, good days like me have a special way of sticking in people’s minds and endure throughout time while days like you, are not remembered in the same way, they are somehow abandoned somewhere inside the brain and good days like me, we are kept not only in the brain but also inside the heart.

So I’m telling you this for your sake even if it sounds too ego centered from a good day like me: you won’t live forever. Bad days like you are wannabe’s since you are not as bad as you think you are, you somehow leave a lesson and even though you make yourself blind towards all beautiful things in life, they will keep on existing, no matter how ugly you get. Days like me are honest and transparent because you can’t really fake happiness while days like you are sometimes a result of what people do to hurt others without any compassion and some other times days like you are just a result of the battle everybody carries inside their bodies but somehow you won’t live forever. I’ll tell you a dirty little secret: I’m not going to live forever either because you and I, me and you, we are team and only the outcome of the both of us has the power to live forever.

Our outcome can make history, our outcome can go on from one generation to the other, our outcome can build men and women’s character because they’ll take us as inspiration towards the best version of themselves, our outcome is greater than what we are individually; together, united, we have the power to turn lived time into an asset, no matter who’s turn it is (bad day or good day); we know for sure we won’t live forever but the result of the both of us can stick around for centuries it only depends on those who live us.

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