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Relevant truth that seems irrelevant

I keep on failing day after day not knowing where this path will take me, sometimes I doubt myself and other times I look in the mirror and feel powerful, like I could do anything but yet life remains a mistery while I can only live inside of me not knowing how it feels to live inside anybody else and If I die tomorrow I can’t say I won’t be afraid but as long as I’ve fought for what I think is worth fighting for I’m gonna be in peace. Every day is a struggle for everyone, in different proportions, in different ways but  yet we keep on fighting wether it is with ourselves, something or someone else because we are born to do so. I don’t know how many millions or cents I’m worth, I don’t even know if I’m priceless, if I’m special depends on the point of view, if I’m beautiful it depends on the definition they have of beauty. I’m nothing but at the same time I’m everything because the only place I know as home is me, but who am I? Am I just like any other human being with desires, sadness, dreams and happy memories? Am I empty? What do I dream with? It is so amazing to feel my heartbeat right now, I can breathe when I decide to, I can type when I tell my brain to type and my brain tells my hands what they have to do, it is so crazy how Im living the night time while somebody else around the world is about to start their day, isn’t it funny to think that even though this world is poblated by more people than what it can take, there’s nobody else with your fingerprints, nobody else that’s exactly like you? But is that so relevant that we decide to ignore it? Or is it irrelevant and I’m just making a big deal out of it?

I don’t know what I dream with, I don’t know where I’m going

but someday, somehow

I’ll get there,

God is with me.

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